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Translucent provides detailed real-time information about what is going on inside your Mac. At any given time Translucent displays how much each one of your processors is being utilized, detailed information about how your memory is being used, how much data is being sent and received on your network interfaces and how much is being read and written to your hard disks. It displays itself as small addition to your status bar with tooltip-style detail popups; displaying more detailed information on any of the sensors in the status bar. Translucent also displays its sensor information in windows for larger and more detailed information viewing.




Translucent Lite on the Mac App Store Translucent Lite

Translucent Lite is a reduced featured version of Translucent available on The Mac App Store. Translucent Lite is a fully functional version of Translucent but only includes the CPU and memory sensors, you'll have to get the full version if you want network, disk, system sensors and statistics. Here is the Full List of differences.



Many Different Views

Translucent Views OverviewTranslucent installs itself as a small addition to your status bar, staying small and out of the way to keep from distracting your focus from the desktop and other applications on your computer but always there when you want to see what's going on under the hood. If you need more detailed information about any of the sensors, Translucent is there and offers more detail in the form of tooltip style pop-ups under the sensor or a full-fledged window with more of the nitty gritty details on what's going on inside your Mac. To help speed up getting to the more detailed information, command-clicking on any of the sensors in the status bar will open the sensors associated detail window.

Translucent also takes it one step further allowing you to customized some of the display features of how Translucent displays itself in the status bar. Even though a lot of time and testing have been done in choosing the color of the CPU and Memory status items, you simply might not like the choice. No problem, Translucent lets you change the color of either of them to your choice of colors, pick the one that fits you. Translucent also allow you to customize the choice of color for the indicators of the network and disk activity, choose the color that you want to alert you to activity.



CPU Utilization

Cpu TooltipTranslucent shows the per-processor loads on your Mac, which is the technical way to say that it shows exactly how much each one of the processor is being utilized by the applications and the operating system. Which can show if the bottleneck your experiencing is from an application slowing down because it's only using one processor or your system is actually being put to the test and using all the processing power it has available.


CPU CoalescingToo many CPUs? Though it may be nice to see how much each one of the 16 logical processors is working on a Mac Pro, it just may be too much information or even worse, the use of too much valuable real-estate in the status bar. Translucent offers the ability to coalesce the number of CPUs down to a more manageable amount, freeing up the status bar real-estate and fending off way too much information.



Memory Information

Want to know how much memory your computer has used? How much memory is still free on your computer? Translucent can show you exactly how memory your computer is using and how much memory is still free to be able to do other things.

Memory WindowFor those of you out there who still want to know more about exactly how the operating system is using memory, all you need to do is open the memory information window and you'll get the down and dirty details, such as how much memory has been wired down, page ins, page outs and more.



Low Memory W/ TooltipJust in case you weren't paying close attention, Translucent will show you if you are running low on memory. If you ever have less than 128 MBs of memory free, Translucent will change the sensor in the status bar to red and give a nice pulse animation, until you free up some more memory that is, to show you that your system might not be operating at it's peak efficiency.



Network Activity

Every wonder if your computer is actually sending or receiving anything at all through its network interface(s)? Well Translucent can show you at a glance or in detail about the amount of data that is actually going through your network ports. Translucent can show you at any time how much, or how little, data is being sent and received at any given time. Now you can diagnose if the reason that webpage isn't loading might be because your using all your bandwidth downloading that large file, though Translucent still can't stop someone else from hogging all the bandwidth.

Network IP TooltipStill want more? Translucent also makes it easy and obvious to view your IP address, simply Option-Click on the network item when the tooltip window is open or click on the interface name in the network window. It's that easy, no digging deep through the operating system to find if you have a self-assigned address or exactly what address your network interface has assigned to it.


Network IP Window



Disk Activity

If you have ever missed the old and obvious indicators of disk activity, Translucent has good news for you. Translucent can display a small disk sensor in your status bar and show you whenever there is activity on your disk drive. Still not good enough? Well Translucent will also show you the exact speed at which information is being read and written to your disk drive, now you can get detailed information on when there is activity to your drive and how much activity.

USB Drive Status ItemAnother hidden gem, literally, in Translucent is that it can also show you your USB and FireWire® disk activity. To keep you from information overload Translucent will only show USB and FireWire® disk activity when a drive is attached to your computer, animating in either a status item or an entry in the disk activity window. So you can have all the details of whats going on but none of the clutter when the drive is gone.


USB Drive Window


To Be Determinate or Indeterminate?

Translucent offers the ability to use the old style of a blinking light to show if your network or disk are currently "doing anything" in their status icons. But for those who want just a little bit more, there is also the option of using determinate indicators. Determinate indicators simply give a non-blinking colored indicator to show wether your network and disk are reading more than writing or vice versa.

Determinate Network PreferenceDisk Determinate Preference



Mac OS X keeps detailed accounting of the various aspects of the computer's hardware, from the bytes read from disk to the packets that have passed through the network interfaces since the system was started. Now Translucent provides easy access to the details that the operating system has kept buried away and brings them all together for easier viewing pleasure.

Also you may be interested in not only the amount of data read and written to the disk or the amount of data uploaded and downloaded from the network since system start but the total amount over a period of time. Translucent will allow you to keep an accounting of that information that persists across system reboots**.

System Statistics Window Statistics Window



*Translucent requires a Macintosh® Computer running Mac OS X® 10.7 or later and is available on The Mac App Store.

**Translucent's record keeping of disk & network totals is for informational purposes only and does not dictate an absolute total for the system over the given time period.

• Translucent includes software developed by the OpenSSL Project for use in the OpenSSL Toolkit (